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My Story
Now  that I have completed the childbirth part of my life, I have been focusing the last 7 years on getting back into shape and focusing on me.  My friend and I were tired of the gym and the same workouts.  So, I began putting routines together for other moms and myself. Since I was an athlete and really enjoyed sports and competition, putting the routines together really seemed easy to me.  I traveled from house to house working out with moms while our children played. Moms got into shape while the kids had a play date (yes it was a little crazy but we did it). I called it "Getting fit with Friends" and it worked. The motivation from these women and the expression of happiness on their faces once they started losing weight and inches was priceless.  They sweated, they were tired but they were committed.  They really began to focus on themselves, eat right, exercise and overcome many obstacles in their lives. They truly motivated me, got me into the best shape I have ever been in my life and their success has really inspired me to move forward with the career of becoming a fitness instructor. They helped and showed me how to make exercise fun.

The Classes
The classes are cross fit type classes consisting of cardio power, core and balance, plyometrics, strength training, interval training, boxing, circuit training, punch training, kettle bell workouts, power abs, intense yoga and planking. Classes are about 45 mins-1 hour with a warm up and cool down stretch. The workouts are intense, they are fun, and if you ask anyone who comes, they work!   Morning, afternoon, evening and Saturday and Sunday morning classes are available for you to attend. Class size is limited to 12-14 people per class and everyone is welcome to attend a trial class before beginning.  There will be over 20 classes per week to choose from.   I like to think you are in a group class with a personal, customized touch.

Fitness Evaluation
Every month you will receive a fitness evaluation before the beginning of the monthly class session.  Each client will weigh in, measurements taken and a fit test given if requested.  Results are kept confidential.  The evaluations will really help motivate you to perform, work hard and eat right.  A daily food log will also be requested.  Nutritonal guidance is also provided.

5 Hamilton Street
Englishtown, NJ. 07726

Morning, afternoon and evening classes offered Monday- Sunday.

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